Tasty coffee, wholesome breakfasts and natural sweets made with homemade recipes.
Cozy cafe for parents and their kids in Dubai
Cateritng for all kinds of events
Entrust us with the preparation of the festive table.
We choose the best option and design a thematic presentation.
Cakes and sweets
We create aesthethic decorative cakes for your holidays and celebrations using secret recipes.
Our guests enjoy our hospitality in AIST cafe and we are happy to treat them as close friends.
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  • Everything!
We make delicious coffee and treat you with home made bakery and dessert.
Your kids will enjoy our lunch boxes and its healty composition and aesthethics will surprise you.
Before we add new dish in the menu we carefully work out its recipe and find the best taste and visual solution.
Catering and holidays
Coming up for a ceremony?
Entrust all preparation of festive table for us.

Serving thought out to the smallest detail, delicious dishes, serving on time - you can be sure of the result of our work.
We discuss and agree on the details of the menu and serving individually.
We recommend trusted professionals to organize your event.
We deliver a ready-made menu, stylized to match the theme of the celebration.
Cakes and sweets to order
We make cakes for any event.
Our sweets are always tasty as homemade with the aesthetically pleasing look , as in the best restaurants.
We'll help choose the decor and flavor combinations that will create a wow effect.
Only natural ingredients.
Deliver in time.
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